What are the Requirements for an Invention to Receive a Patent?

A solution to a technical problem in any branch of industry, including agriculture, or a new way of development is called invention. The patent is the legal registration that gives the inventor the right to use the invention and prevents its unauthorized use. The patent grants the inventors a 20-year right.

It must be new

It consists of information that is not publicly disclosed in any part of the world about written or verbal publicity, use or other means of the invention before the patent application is made.

Exceeding the known state of the technique

If the invention has been accomplished by an expert in the field to which it is concerned, an activity that cannot be clearly deduced from the prior art, it is assumed that the state of the art has been exceeded. It is very well explained on https://vocal.media/journal/innovating-as-a-small-business.

To be applicable to industry

If the invention can be produced or used in any branch of industry, including agriculture, it is considered to be applicable to industry.

The utility model certificate, unlike the patent, is not given to chemicals and methods and gives the inventors a 10-year right.

It will be understood that an invention, unlike the patent, is new and applicable to the industry, but a utility model certificate is issued if it does not exceed the state of the art.

Both applications can be converted into each other in the process. In order not to waste time and money, seek the professional help of representatives and engineers to get the best answer to this important question, which should be decided after a detailed and careful research as shown on https://midhudsonnews.com/2020/05/10/how-does-inventhelp-support-new-inventors/.

You should protect your invention without losing any time against the money and time you spend, the labor you spend, the accumulation you create, the patience you show, and those who do not do any of these things and only imitate them, so that you can get your money both economically and in reputation.

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