What is Medical Microneedling?

It is softer and simpler and can also be used in “less accessible” contours of the face (root of the nose, nostrils, eye area). Previously used derma-rollers injured the epidermis. An electrical device that uses collagen induction therapy very quickly and with minimal trauma to the epidermis.

What is collagen induction therapy?

Collagen induction therapy is often referred to as “microneedling”. Tiny microneedles that penetrate perpendicular to the skin. This treatment provides comparable results to medical deep chemical peels, laser treatments or skin abrasions. However, there is no serious damage to the epidermis during microneedling treatment. And unlike the ones mentioned, it can be used on all skin types. Most of the healthy skin and blood vessels are left unchanged. The body’s own support of healing and the production of its own collagen leads to better and more lasting results. Because collagen induction therapy does not affect the entire epidermal layer, this treatment can be performed as often as needed.

Is it possible to compare Medical Microneedling with injectable fillers?

Microneedling is the perfect solution not only for the more demanding, but also for those who are afraid to insert foreign implants into the skin. Medical Microneedling stimulates the body to produce its own collagen and significantly reduces and / or completely eliminates your wrinkles and scars. Today, this safe and effective technique is used worldwide to remove various types of scars, pigment spots, stretch marks and wrinkles at various depths and lengths.

How is Microneedling done?

After local application of the anesthetic cream, a high-rotation electric device with microneedles is used to treat the skin type and problem to be solved (wrinkles, acne scars, pigmentation, etc.). This effective technology creates less temporary skin trauma by strategic areas of the skin will make thousands of micro punctures. The body stimulates the production of its own collagen and elastin, thanks to the increase in fibroblasts. The end result is that your skin fills itself from the inside, so it’s smoother and looks younger. There are a lot of good online beauty shops and portals, such as Natural Beauty – naturalbeauty.no, where you can buy everything you need for microneedling home treatment.

Benefits of Microneedling?

Unlike other more expensive treatments, such as ablative lasers (resurfacing) or dermabrasion, microneedling does not remove healthy skin, allowing it to heal much faster. Sun sensitivity, hyper-pigmentation, pigment loss and even thinned skin are not a problem for microneedling. During the healing process, which takes several days, cleanliness and proper care are a must. Unlike other more traumatic treatments, successful treatment is also possible in such sensitive areas as the lower eyelids, neck and back of the hands.

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