Where to rent a car in Mallorca

If you’ve ever wondered what is the area of Spain where more cars are rented, the answer is simple, the island of Mallorca.

In Spain 70% of the car rental business is directly linked to tourism and only 30% to business. Mallorca, as preferred tourist destination of the British, Spanish and the Germans, its the area with most car rentals over the year (over 24% of the car rentals made in Spain) specially in summer, Mallorca’s airport being the hot spot of Spain.

So if you need to hire a car in Mallorca for this summer you have to hurry, someone may want to rent the same car in same place, and this makes the price increase. Remember, book early and save.

In Mallorca there are many places where you can rent a car, as Palma, Alcudia, Pollensa, Magaluf, etc.. But the main question that a traveler has to ask himself is: Where is better to rent a car?

We will try to explain the best way to rent a car in Mallorca.

The first thing you must think about is if you’ll need the car every day of your stay or only in some specific moments, let’s say about 3 days for a total stay of one week.

If the car rental period is equal to the period of your stay on the island, the best way is that you rent the car at the Mallorca airport. Your car will be ready upon your arrival and at your departure from Majorca you can leave the car at the airport.

If you need the car at some time points, as we said before, the best way is that you rent it in an office close to your hotel, villa or apartment, for obvious reasons.

Remember, you can rent a car in over 20 locations in Mallorca between which you can find: Felanitx, Alcudia, Pollensa, Santanyi, Manacor, Calvia and many other places.

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