Why Take a Home STD Test?

To know if you suffer from a STD is not only of importance for your health, but for your sexual partner’s, too.

Then, the reasons why we take a STD Test at Home are:

  • Because you can have a timely treatment, plus prevention and care-taking services, if you have an early diagnosis. This leads to a better-quality life.
  • Because a diagnosis allows taking preventive measures in order to stop the disease propagation.
  • Because it can prevent contagion to other people if we are infected.
  • Because if a woman is HIV positive and pregnant, she can receive treatment and hence limit the possibilities for her son to be infected.

There are currently trust-worthy and simple at home STD test kits to do at Home STD Test in the comfort of your home, getting almost instant results.

What is the Best Time to Take in Home STD Test After a Sexual Encounter?

There is understandable concern about knowing when the best time to take a STD Test after an unprotected sexual encounter is. The best recommendation is to take the test 3 weeks after the encounter, and then again 3 months after the diagnosis is confirmed. This is the best way to take the test, because different STDs are detectable at different moments.

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