Window Cleaning Services

Rates for window cleaning in Southlake TX can vary greatly between companies. Just as you would shop around for car insurance or life insurance, so must you shop around for window cleaners in Southlake TX. Not only can you save a ton of cash shopping around, you can also find a reputable company to do your job. Shopping around can also help you find out what other customer’s think of the company.

Customer Service

Customer service is a big part of any service, including window cleaning. You should always search for a customer focused company that will provide you with professional service tailored to your needs. It should be a company with a solid reputation and experience behind them. Customer reviews or ratings can also be a world of help. The company should guarantee their work, and offer a free estimate before the work begins.


A good window cleaning company will be licensed in the state of Texas to perform window cleaning. They should also be registered with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). The BBB can offer information pertaining to complaints and trustworthiness of the company. Documentation should be provided at any time that you request it.

Products That Are Used Are Important

Any company that you select should also be able to provide you with a list of the products that they will use to clean your windows. None of the products should contain any harsh chemicals or abrasives so not to scratch or harm your windows. Brushes should be soft bristle, and they should have adequate ladders to reach all of the windows that need to be cleaned.