Roofing Explained

Roofing is defined as roof or a process of constructing roofs. Roof of the house save the contents of the house and the house itself. Roofing also helps in changing the outer look of the houses. The outlook of different houses can vary from each other with the help of different type of roofs or roofing. We can see different type of roofing in Newcastle. To make a roof, different aspects are taken under consideration. These aspects include weather, environment, budget etc.

Roofing can be categorized by two different ways. First one is they can be categorized on the basis of their style or structure and the second category is define on the basis of the material used in roofing. If we divide roofing on the basis of structure, it includes gable roofs, cross gable roofs, flat roofs, salt box roofs, pyramidal roofs, hip roofs, cross hip roofs, shed roofs, mansard roofs etc. Gable roofs are triangular shaped roofs and cross gable roofing is basically the two parts of gable roof joined together. Flat roofs are completely flat and straight. Pyramidal roofs are in the shape of pyramids. Their slope can be very steep or gradual. Hip roofing has upward slope from its all side. Cross hip roof is basically the two parts of hip join together while crossing each other. Shed roofs are like flat roofs but flat roofs are straight and horizontal to the land where as shed roofs make some angle with the land. They are not horizontal to the lands. Mansard roofing is basically the combination of gable roofing and flat roofing. They are flat from the middle and gable style from the ends.

If we differentiate roofing on the basis of their materials, they include metals roofing, asphalt roofing, eco roofing, wooden shingles, slate roofing, clay roofing, concrete tile, hot mop etc. Metal roofing use steel as material. In early ages, copper, zinc and lead are also used as material in metal roofing. It is more durable roofing present now a days but installing such kind of roofing is very tricky and expensive. Wood shingle roofing use woods as a material for roofing. It provide natural look to the houses. But it is not durable. Eco roofing is made by clay and it provides best insulation in both cold and warm weather. Slate roofing is the most durable and reliable roofing. It uses rocks as a material. It is heaviest roofs present now a days and it is much expensive as the ground structure must also be so strong in order to handle such kind of roofing. Concrete roofing use concrete tiles as material. Asphalt is the most popular roofing as it is affordable and has different variety.

General purpose of roofing is to provide security and protections to the houses. There are a lot of roofing Newcastle companies, so do your research on the company before you hire them. Different types of roofs are selected for the house on the basis of environment and weather of that area as well. Weather has a lot affect in selecting of roof for the house. For example if there is a lot of snow fall done in an area throughout year, flat roof will not b used in that area. Instead of it gable roofs or hip roofs are uses in those areas.

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