Choosing The Right Mask

Face Mask dfer

Selecting a well fitting mask that fits your face is the key to maximizing your protection. Your mask ought to fit tightly over your nose and mouth, with no gaps. Some masks are available with an adhesive seal around the edges for even further effectiveness. To obtain the maximum protective effect, you’ll need to wear your mask as long as you’re in a high-level risk setting and replace it after each use.

Face Mask dfer

Other than protecting yourself by wearing an appropriate mask when in crowded conditions there are additional situations in which to consider wearing a mask. Clearly if you are caring for someone with the virus, wearing a mask can decrease your exposure to the virus that is spread by the airborne droplets ejected from coughing or sneezing. Also for the well being of others, if you’re the individual who is sick with the virus, wearing a mask can help prevent spreading it to others; the person who might catch the virus from you may well just be one of those that is extra susceptible to it’s ravishes.

So, your initial line of protection, stay away from the more risky crowded and confined environments.

For your subsequent line of protection, decide on and make use of a well fitting N95 mask or superior rated respirator while in those riskier situations.

Your final line of protection….Fundamental preventative hygiene. Cleanse your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds under warm running water in advance of consuming or fixing meals, after sneezing or blowing your nose, after using the bathroom, and after all other probable exposures to the virus. When soap and water aren’t on hand, the utilization of an alcohol based hand sanitizer, with an alcohol content greater than 60 percent, can be effective.