Deciding who to hire for home inspection

Someone whose previous experience has nothing to do with homes, damage & repairs may not be a good choice. An inspector whose experience is limited to construction, repair or handyman work may not be the best choice either, in part because they may accept defective construction, repairs & materials and even compromise on safety hazards because of their loyalty to real estate agents, builders and the like.

This is the reality of owning a home. So you need an unbiased inspector who isn’t afraid to point out defects on your behalf, not someone who is dependent on the “system.” Read these property inspection tips to learn more.

How long does the inspection take?

An inspector who is “in and out” in two hours or less is simply not taking the time needed to perform a thorough home inspection and discuss the issues with you. A thorough, unbiased home inspection should take 3 or more hours (although older or larger homes, or homes with more defects may take longer).

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